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Originally Posted by Hektoglider View Post
any thoughts on this: the stock shifter breaks off more easily in a crash

the aftermarket shifter is more durable, and during a crash if it moves a lot further, the internals of the shift mechanism can be damaged. bent shifter fork ? stripped splines or other internal damage.

The stock, weak shifter acts as a dispensable component, saving more complex and expensive parts from damage.

I am hesitant to install such a durable shifter. I would rather break my stock one occasionally
I've owned KLRs since 1998, yet to hear of that happening.

It's not an issue at all in my opinion.

They both flex but when you go to bend them straight again, the stock one cracks / breaks. The other ones don't.

I used to carry a spare OEM shift lever, sure enough, I was at Neduro's off road riding school session at Ocotillo Wells and another KLR rider fell over and broke his OEM lever.
His weekend would have been over had I not given him my spare...
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