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Exploring Wisconsins Black River Forest

Wow, My second ride report today!
I organized a gravel backroads tour and we went out and did that yesterday.

At the end of the day while riding a trail I slid into a rock and crushed my foot and lower leg between the rock and the bike. That hurt like HELL! I was sure I screwed something up. My plan for today was to go out mountain biking but my leg was pretty sore and you kinda need that biking, so I though I'd go for a ride on the XR instead.

Hmmm, where to go? I've pretty much ridden out all the gravel in the area while scouting for my ride, so I decided to go north towards Black River Falls.
After Enduraid in June I rode through here and stopped and checked out the river a bit, I thought it was pretty cool looking so why not try to find some interesting roads near it.

Here is a pic of the Black River

Cool right? Well I took a look at the map and figured I'd ride some back roads up to the town of Melrose and try to ride some of the river roads.
I had to pass a tittie bar on the way there, almost stopped my ride there, but I pressed on!
Found a nice little canoe landing

A pretty neat bridge over a stream

Found a cool little section of singletrack at the landing and rode that a little ways but it started to get a little overgrown and I knew I was kinda doing something wrong, so I turned around headed on my way
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