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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Read the article. How much more specific do you need? As well, this is the 2nd comprehensive comparison test that says the GS is better off pavement - the other was the very comprehesive (and I thought accurate) comparison in

The S10 has its strong points and I own one, but its drawbacks in the dirt (principally weight) have been well-documented in almost every road test that have been published. To continue to think that these comments are not well-grounded or specific enough is just sticking your head in the sand.

- Mark
My head in the sand,you say? My head's been where it should be ,between my crotch & the moon . My Tenere's tires been in the sand...mud....snow.....rock gardens....steeps...etc. What is this ,a library? I hardly ever look at stinkie linkies posted on blogs bacause so many of'm are goofy,to put it mildly. My point was simply that I'd rather these commentors declaring the GS better in dirt than the S10 would include SPECIFICS(I have included some specifics regarding my experience with these 2 bikes in earlier posts ). In what way is the S10 inferior ? Post it. All I asked for. I had a GS12 & now a Tenere & have ridden both in my same haunts in the mountains (& some desert) in the US west. More I ride the Tenere the more I feel it's every bit the equal of the GS in dirt ,the traction control & suspension might make it better.And it doesn't break. No small thing,that...esp compared to the 2 new BMW's I had.Warranty City,both of'em.
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