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North I go on some nice straight gravel road

I rode into Black River Falls and headed south towards Brockway, then took a road I knew towards Castle Mound, a place I go sometimes for Rock Climbing. along the wat I noticed a trail below some power lines and decided to check that out.

That seemed to end about a mile in so I truned around and headed back. This was a pretty fun little trail, some bumps and sand pits to keep me on my toes.
I headed north towards Wazee lake, the deepest inland lake in Wisconsin at 300+ feet deep. Its and old Iron mine that filled up with water and is now a county park and a very popular scuba diving spot. I decided not to pay to get into the park and turned around and kept exploring. At an intersection I noticed the road ahead of me wasn't on my GPS...

Looks interesting!

Fun, Fast doubletrack!

After an intersection, the dirt road I was on turned into a wide sand road with big tire ruts. The road was actually really dry on top so the ruts were real hard, but had sand at the bottom. Made for some tough riding in spots.
I'd be cruising along at a good pace and I'd come into one of these rutted sections and things would get hairy. It hard to ride in truck ruts!

I noticed another set of bike tracks, not sure how old they were though. I came over a little rise at one point and saw a big mud hole that kinda looked dried up but I noticed the other tire tracks swerved around it. I was going a little too fast to react so I went across it. I started slowly sinking, just barely making the other side.

That isn't the mud hole I went across, just another along the way.
I really didn't want to get in over my head since nobody knew where I was and I was alone. The sandy trail was a handful but I decided to keep pressing on. I was hoping that things didn't get any worse.
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