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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Have you actually followed the "stinkie linkies" and read either MCN or Motorcycle-USA tests?

- Mark
Heck no I haven't. I read books mostly,not mags. The response I made which you determined to be evidence of my"head in the sand" was to posts by one Podman who declared he saw where the GS was superior to the S10 in dirt.He gave no specifics & offered NO stinkie linkie(at least any I saw.If I missed one,my badd). Seems to me if you're going to declare something on a blog, support it. Unsupported assertion is troll gruel. WHY is the GS better in dirt than the S10. ALL my opinions on the subject are formed from hands-on experience in the Rocky Mountains with BOTH bikes(nearest magazine stand is over 100 miles away). My opinions can be wrong,often are(I have witnesses)that's why I'd like some SPECIFICS posted on here so they can be discussed. That is all. Til somebody shows me why I'm wrong,I think the Tenere is at least the equal of the GS on dirt.At least. One thing about jap bikes vs BMWs I've seen stated is BMWs have character while jap bikes often seem "neutral". I experienced that sensation once between a new RT & a new ST1100. I bought the RT. Big mistake. After I corrected it & got the ST it dawned on me that "neutral" is competence, "characater" ain't"--my view only. I could be wrong. WHAT is it the magazine scribblers claim is better about the GS in dirt than the S10? Just askin.
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