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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
Been trying to figure out where to install my aux lights, and looking through the mod and pic threads, don't see hardly anyone doing this to their KLR.

1. Is there a good reason people don't mount extra lighting on this bike?

2. Is there a preferred or more suitable way to do it, if I'm set on it?

Just looking for inspiration, my current thinking is to bolt on at the bottom edges of the fairing sides, but don't want to be too close to the turn signals. Thought about mounting on forward side plastics, too... so many options, and no examples out there to actually look at before buying hardware and experimenting.
I fabbed up an aluminum mount that bolt to the forks where the shield to keep crap from the underside of the fairing is attached. They are just cheap Walmart halogens at this time. I mainly did it to make me more visible to the cars in front of me.

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