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Originally Posted by XDragRacer View Post
Regrets if this information is redundant, but--a friend with a non-helper-lever center stand tilts his KLR650 over on its sidestand, raising the rear wheel, then deploys the center stand with his foot, allowing the bike to return upright as the weight is transfered to the now extended center stand.

Kinda hard to describe in words, but--tilting the bike initially onto the side stand provides enough clearance to lower the center stand; when the bike returns to a vertical position the machine is suspended on the center stand. This technique appears less physically stressful than lifting the bike onto the center stand straight away.

Again, regrets if this information is repetitive or obvious; offered constructively in case it may be helpful.

I have a Happy Trails adjustable center stand with assist lever on my bike; still, getting the rear wheel off the ground can be a challenge.
Thanks. That's about how I've been doing it. I see that HT offers a grab handle that might make the process a bit more fluid, but Jeez, $40 for a loop of mild steel? Maybe I'll weld one of those RV jacks on the side instead. I can buy one of those cheap at Tractor Supply.

I don't envy the fellows on the GS1200s and the current crop of bigass DS bikes. My friend Cap'n Jay weighed his GS1200A loaded for bear and it came up well over 800 lbs. Where's the wedding tackle going to be after a few heaves on that after it takes a nap?
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