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Originally Posted by DenniSMC View Post
I know nobody cares. But now that I am bikeless I have been spending alot of time thinking about my next bike.

The prices get affordable from here.

650 Vstrom
1000 Vstrom
V Max again (this one bounces all over the cheaper part of my list)

Any other resonably priced bikes I should consider? Now if I get a local job that ties up all my time, who nows what I will get. VMax or some standard that is cool and could be used as a track bike. But for now traveling is still on my mind.

I will give my KLR two cents. After riding mine all year, I would say it's a great bike for local ADV, dirt tag, work commute, and going on 100-150 mile rides. It is cheap and bulletproof. Great in the dirt. However, you start putting on big miles and it sucks. It ain't no long haul highway bike. Buzz's the shit out of ya.

You have the same dilemma I do. I want to have a bike that's more comfortable for the long haul, that I can take Sue with me on it, and still do all the dirt I see. Ideally, I would go with a 1200GS or GSA as well, but the price........ I have considered a Wee myself for the next bike. For the riding you seem to do, I think it would be the best choice. Two Jerks did have a slightly used 650 there.

On another note. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Be thankful that we are healthy and can ride bikes when we want.
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