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Originally Posted by TerryK View Post
Guys, I've seen photos of the scramblers with chrome crankcase covers, Triumph don't list them to suit the scrambler/270 crank engine. My mate asked the dealer today about fitting the chrome covers to his 2011 & the dealer said the covers won't fit.

I think the America has the 270 crank & chrome covers, so has anyone fitted the chrome covers to a Scrambler & were there any problems

Hi Terry!
I don't know about the EFI later models, but I replaced my 07 black engine covers with a set of polished aluminum Bonneville covers from the same circa. They fit. I believe I had to make a slight modification because the breather tube wasn't the same, but the cases are interchangable with Bonnie and Thrux. I remember that the dealer didn't think I could do it because the parts numbers are different. But I just reasoned that they didn't know what they were talking about, as usual, ha, ha! Some guy over at is selling chrome everything. Might be worth your while to check it out.
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