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Originally Posted by Krasniewski View Post
Great to hear advice - thank you. Very clear and concise.

I haven't done a leak down test, nor have I checked the valve clearance - I'll look into those.

As to the other specifics - I didn't move the cams at all. I did check them though, and all the marks line up exactly.

The compression gauge is brand new - cost around $40. Definitely not top of the line, and unproven. I initially did the checks with throttles closed, which yielded about 60 PSI - I rechecked with throttles open and got 70 after I noticed that detail in the manual.

Anyway, thanks again.

UPDATE: I don't (yet) have the specific leak down gauge, but interestingly enough, if the motor is turned by hand with the compression gauge hooked up, NO PRESSURE registers on the gauge for either cylinder. I don't know if it's b/c the pressure isn't building up at all, or the check valve is just too strong. Any thoughts???

Id say trust it. I know its no fun to hear. but hey this was a few months ago anything new?
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