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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
Thanks guys.

I don't want to be impolite, so let's just say most people in some sort of profession down here are way behind others doing the same in other parts of the country... The police probably more often charge people incorrectly for various perceived infractions than catching vehicle details pertaining to what is legal and what isn't.

It would thus be fine in most of south Florida in as far as the law goes... now as for night riding - yeah, I'll skip it. I know it sounds easy to say "just go look at it," but traveling just ten miles away down here is nightmare-ish if it isn't directly on the norht-south highway. Ain't worth it.

I suspect you could get a real, unscrewed '04 for about the same price as that freakish monster, particularly if you post in "bikes" here on ADV.

The stock headlight in a KLR isn't all that bad, and can be made wonderful with the addition of an HID kit -- available down your way from for under sixty bucks.

I learned long ago to look at ultra-low-miles bikes with as much suspicion as high-miles bikes. What exactly happened so someone did a mere 600 miles a year on the thing? I have six bikes, yet my season's mileage on the KLR will top five grand this season. I wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere. Machinery loves to be used and maintained correctly. Left to itself, it rusts.
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