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Originally Posted by Canuman View Post
What is your bank? If you're a BMW driver (as am I) it may be a little bigger than some people's. BMW = "Bring My Wallet;" however, my K75 is not for sale, nor will it be in the foreseeable future.

I think I'll pull the trigger on some of the Trailtech lights before spring. I've not seen them personally, but I've seen other gear from Trailtech, and it seems to be built to a high standard. It would please me to be able to vary the intensity of my lights. The Denalis are great for daylight visibility, and also good on long, lonely roads after dark. However, punting around in traffic, they are too bright. If I'm looking for a marker that establishes a safety triangle, I think the lowest Trailtech setting would be fine. I've had my share of pissed-off high-beams with the Denalis. Love them at night through moose country, however.
Bust My Wallet indeed.

I paid over 300 bucks for the Motolights on the GS and I was hoping to spend a little less on the KLR. The Trailtechs do look nice. I'll have to let this stew a bit, I'm not in a hurry.

Thanks for the input fellas.

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