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Update over last few weeks and some help needed

So I have now done the following on the wee TL over the last month or so
  • New clutch, brake and throttle cables
  • New brake shoes / springs front and rear
  • New points
  • New chain and sprockets 12-60
  • Full redress kit into carb
  • Fabricated Carb insulator
  • Fitted Bultaco chain tensioner
  • New gear lever (got rid of old linkage set up)
  • Adjusted cam chain
  • Adjusted valve clearances
  • Tidyed up sloppy electrics
  • Cleaned air filter
  • Fitted adjustable clutch lever (much better)
  • New exhaust gasket
  • Changed oil and cleaned centrifugal filter
Still on the cards to do
  • New tyres
  • New rear shocks
  • New fork seals & oil change
This should bring it up to what I'll be happy with.
Now for the problem.
It looks like and have pretty much confirmed through another inmate that the points base plate is fitted 180 deg out.Currently points are sitting bottom right when looking at them. I believe that they should sit top left.
Am I right in thinking that the cam spocket or cam has been installed incorrectly ?
Tried putting the base plate in the assumed correct position and the bike would not fire after installing the new points.
Put it back the way it was and it fired up.
I want to check the timing but if the cam sprocket or cam are installed incorrectly then static timing will be hard to do.
Should I get hold of a timing light and check it that way?
Any suggestions appreciated

Cheers Steve
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