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We were going to go snowboarding today and work on the van tomorrow but it is windy today and not tomorrow so we switched days.

I started the day by building the rail for the right side mounting to the van...

First cut the 8 foot rail down to legth and then mark the location of the 6 holes:

Using the drill jig drill the 6 holes:

...they end up coming out perfect thanks to the jig.

...and voila. The other rail is mounted to the van (again with a little bit of knuckle busting to get the nuts on the backsides.

Cheryl spent the day cutting and gluing luxury liner pro into the slots... she's doing a great job (compare this to the photo above.. which has the black damplifier vibration damping only.. and then below the mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam glued on):
right rear

left middle

I decided to change something in my cabinet design... the rear panels have to be assembled the way that they are because of the door hinge access... but the front panels do not have to be this way: "this way" I'm referring to the fact that the closest corner has a full height vertical, but the wall side has a vertical that is inset in the two horizontals.
I don't have an option in the back but in the front I can make things look better..

In the back.. the vertical is inset to allow the door hinge to fit:

So, I pulled the panel...

..and am now making it with parallels. Looks tidier

I then cut out a piece of LLP...

..and laminated the inside.

I now have one very quiet cabinet wall

I built the vertical walls for the right side cabinets as well.. but I'm waiting on UPS to show up with the end connectors so I can put it all together.

They are supposed to be here Monday along with the live hinges for the bed platform that bridges the gap.

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