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The bed platform will be carpet as will the walls below the upper cabinets and above the lower cabinets.

I've been driving around for a week with the floor in it (though I removed it today to protect it) and the van is silent - not a sound/creek anywhere. Everything is precision fit and nothing is able to move (I'm putting a lot of effort into making sure). As of the moment.. the only "creek" I have is in the swivel of the seat I'm sitting on.. haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet

The floor is currently composed of the vans sheet metal, then damplifier, closed cel foam, mass loaded vinyl, plywood laminated with fiberglass, and then the hardwood on top of all that.
Pretty much no sound comes through the floor anymore

The luxury liner pro will be even a bigger part of this when the back of each cabinet is laminated with it (the floor already is).
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