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What to do with a 70 degree day in November? Today's trip involved three trips to Burnsville and four into Tennessee. I've been finding myself in Burnsville a lot lately. It's not a bad commute.

I found my way through Paint Fork to get to Mars Hill's Ingles more or less on time.

NC 197? Not again.

But first, a quick side trip. Note the slalom gates.

Back on it.

After lunch, we headed to Carver's Gap.

Had I excercised good judgement, I would have split from the group at this point. Instead, I was enticed by the description of the forthcoming ride.

We headed down into Roan Mtn, TN and then zigzagged across the NC/TN border several times. One of my hobbies is finding new ways to cross the line, and I added several today.

On the way to the Beauty Spot.

OK, now I really have to go. It's after 4, and I'm pretty far from home. Thanks for the awesome ride. It was an uneventful day, that is, full of unevents.

No more photos because I blasted home to optimize every bit of daylight. I got an end to end run of NC 80 from Loafer's Glory to Marion.
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