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Originally Posted by HaChayalBoded View Post
Tools, medical emergency supplies and your bike are great, but if you don't know which end of a wrench to use or don't know what have the pills in your med kit are for they are useless.

Bike - Take an advanced course if you have never done it, just cause you've been riding for 20 years doesn't mean you can ride.

Tools - Take a basic course if you're never done more than an oil change on your bike, you'll feel more confident when you're off the map

Medicine - Take an accident scene management class, they teach you good stuff like CPR and how to handle a downed rider.

Top ten for me

1. Riding gear, what you're wearing plus extra gloves for different occasions.
2. Tool kit, full, this includes a tire patch kit and 12v pump and the ability to use them all. Add your manual to this. Make sure a small set of jumper cables is also included.
3. Spare key, hidden on the bike. This goes for your luggage as well. If you can wire create an easy "hot wire" setup that once connected hot wires your bike, do not use a switch, someone will find it, switch it, and either steal your bike or leave it switched on which will kill your battery
4. more money than you think you need
5. less clothes than you think you need
6. Camping gear "basics", leave the fluff at home (chair, pillow, e.t.c.) unless you're over 40 or have a bad back you don't need it.
7. Good luggage, waterproof, strapped down well. No garbage bags and bungee cords.
8. Online access can be great, whether a laptop, netbook or having people to stay by once in a while with a computer. Whether you want to just send a shout to your loved ones, double check the procedure for adjusting your valves or checking your route for road closures of contruction.
9. Electronics and their associated cables. Phone, camera, e.t.c.
10. A couple of comfort items are nice to have, they are different for everyone and may go against rule #6. This can be anything from your favorite pillow or blanky to that July 1974 issue of playboy you stole from your brother when you turned 11. I like my Alaska leather sheepskin, unless it rained it can make a good pillow too.
Excellent list.

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