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I have a heavily modified but salvaged 2002 650S that was streetfightered (tiny headlight, lower vortex clip-ons, a sigma bicycle speedometer)...I didn't mind at first because i bought it to be mainly a track bike, but liked riding it so much i rode it for fun and, yes, even on a tour to Sequoia. btw, the wolfman beta bag was very secure on the back of the bike....worked well (bike has a full camping set-up in that picture).


the forward lean to the low clip-on was severe, the speedo was tiny and not lit up, and the stock seat was too soft and some wind protection would have been nice. but the thing rides like a champ, and corners like nothing else.

So I added a Trailtech Vapor (with modern convienences like a tachometer, speedo that is lit up oooh aaaah ), those $$$$ but waaay adustable convertibars (and clutch, choke, and throttle cables off the standard model), mounted a Honda 599 headlight (the bigger more aerodynamic late model one that looks tits IMHO)...and it is a real nice streetbike...I just wish I was 6" shorter so I don't have to stray to another bike.


the headlight itself provides a surprising amount of wind protection and smooths airflow....and it is nice and bright. BTW, the convertibars are in their lowest position here. Maybe add a little windscreen (F-15 maybe?) and i will be ready for another tour.

I am going through some life changes now and the other bikes will be leaving the stable but the charming and soulful "Blue Baron" will be staying.....
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