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Day 6: Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, ON to Pancake Bay Provincial Park, ON (642 km)
  • On the road at 8:10 … later than expected, but campground was quiet (only saw 2-3 people when I packed up and left).
  • Everything was soaked from condensation in the morning. Fly was wet inside and out … was put away wet.
  • When I left SGPP this morning, I was in a rush to get back to cell coverage so I could figure out the SPOT issue. As soon as I turned north out of the campground, I regretted not going to the end of the peninsula … was probably only a couple of km from the campground. But I didn’t turn back. This was still chewing at me when I passed the turnoff for the ‘Thunder Bay Lookout’. I thought ‘F**k it … when am I going to be back this way’ and swung a shitty in the middle of the road.
  • It was 9 km (one way) of gravel off the park highway, but twisty and lots of steep up and down. The last 200m or so before the lookout was on bare Canadian shield … the granite version of the slick-rock in Moab. Got some good pics of the road. The lookout was neat … cantilevered out over a cliff. The haze/fog was thick, so you couldn’t really see shit past the cliff. I’m glad I did this … smile on my face for the rest of the morning.
  • No cell coverage. Seemed to get SOS service at Pass Lake, but nothing else. Tried again farther down the road, but no luck. Finally found a payphone at a truck stop, and was able to call the 1-800 SPOT number again. Spoke to ‘Katie’ from Texas … very helpful. Was able to have the replacement unit sent to Paula and Fred’s.
  • Stopped in Wawa to pet the goose (this is not a euphemism for rubbing one out).
  • Was a bit cooler today … high 20’s. Hit thick fog for approx 80km inside Lake Superior Prov. Park … temp dropped to 15C. Fog was so thick it caused a mist on my visor that had to be cleared every 30 seconds. Closed the vents on my jacket and pants for the first time in 4 days.
  • Pancake Bay is nice. Got a site overlooking the lake, but paid dearly for it. So far, the Ontario Prov. Parks have been beautiful and well maintained, but fairly pricey ... especially for tenting.
  • Looks like a bank of fog rolling in across the lake … can hear what sounds like a fog horn off in the distance.
  • Will try to shower/shave tonight (Done!).
  • Tunes today: Hip again “We Are the Same” (this rocked on the lookout side-trip … especially "Queen of the Furrows" … listened to this most of the day), and “Up to Here”
  • Smoke: none tonight
  • Libation: 2 mountain-cans of Coors Light while setting up camp ... then Bowmore Islay 12 year … was reeeeaally peaty.

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