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Originally Posted by kevin2735 View Post
Was reading through the posts here, lots of good information. Trying to wrap my head around this, so this may be a dumb question.

When the SR10 is in operation, let say with a hardwired 2 way radio connection and a hardwired, or BT, to an iPhone. Can you listen to music in the background while chatting with people either on BT with other SMH10 units or 2way radio simultaneously?

I am looking for the autocom feature where I can intercom with people but still have music or GPS commands playing in the background.

If I understand it correctly, I can so long as they are all going through the SR10 and not SMH10 to SMH10?
That's not how any Bluetooth works. The gps will override any music/conversation. Any conversation will override music. Only one audio source will be heard at a time.
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