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I broke my left ankle, and walked on it for a week, before getting it looked at. High threshold for pain I guess, or I am stupid. Been told both.

I had three screws and a brace installed in my leg. I cannot stress enough what people are saying about take it slow. I was told to wait 6 weeks, before putting weight on the ankle. Pain lessened enough after 4 weeks that I thought I could try walking to the bathroom from the living room without my crutches. Snapped two screws, and had to get opperated on again. Dr said, if I snapped them again, he would have to leave them in, and I would never walk without pain again. To make it worse, second operation was done while I was awake, and I could feel the screws going in, even being numbed up..

For pain after surgery, the first week was the worse. It does get better.
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