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Wink Season ending surgery

Here's the 77 XSD on it's last day with the 78E motor in it

I'm putting in the 1981SH motor I have had waiting in the wings for so long. I had pulled this motor long ago, sold the rolling frame+wheels. Sold the seat and tank/side covers to another guy. The complete exhaust is currently on my buddies 78E

OK, now she's "in". The 81 motor with the pamco ignition.
Still to be done is;
1) Clean up/all new gromets/filters for the stock air box.
2) Install the 1" shorter rear fender from the special that I've put a bates tailight on.
3) Install the cocktail shaker mufflers (STD headers)
4) Slight wireing adjustments for the dual output coil

Here she is with the 81 motor in. I have put on my extra carbs that are newly rebuilt.
The rest of the accessories to bolt on throughout this upcoming week.
When it's all done my buddy can have his 78 motor I've been running for the past 10+ years.
He'll rebuild it and give me back what he's currently of my other 77D motors.

For those that have not heard this 81 with cocktail shakers run, may I remind you of these two videos.
Unpacked and packed mufflers. Kinda corny, but you get the sound...
Oh, what a great sound. unpacked packed

This packing of 4 stroke fiberglass was not an easy task. And although the glass will eventual burn out,
I doubt I'll ever get the baffles out to be able to repack!

Below is my test bed/mock up machine...

Stay tuned
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I have completely lost count

and here's my channel...
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