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It's now been 16 days from the fracture and repair. Within the last 72 hours I've experienced a significant decrease in the pain. Two days ago I took no hydrocodone and yesterday took only 1-500 mg tablet to help me get to sleep. When I have my foot down it still swells, but based on the pressure I feel in the cast not as much as it had before.
The XeroSox has been great and completely prevents any water from contacting the cast when showering. I believe one could safely swim with this over a cast.
In looking at my radiograph I have 5 screws in the plate over my my fibula and a a 6th lag screw attaching a fragment to the plated bone. The orthopedic surgeon who did the surgery told me I could leave the hardware in place indefinitely unless it caused a problem. One poster to this thread stated he had his plate removed and it improved his eventual recovery. I'm curious if others with a plate have had them removed or not found that to be an issue.
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