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I was told 4 weeks non-weight bearing, 4 weeks in a boot and 4 weeks in normal shoes, but no heavy duty use. I'm 6 days out and have been surprised the pain has been far greater after the surgery than prior to it. If I go any distance on the crutches or leave my leg down for extended periods my toes start to swell and the ankle begins to ache. I've limited my intake of hydrocodone, but usually need it to sleep. Last night was the first time I was able to sleep off my back. I rolled to the right and placed a pillow between my legs.
I would very much appreciate any insights from anyone who has suffered a similar injury regarding things like when will the pain subside, when in the boot will I still need crutches-if so how long, what will my foot feel like when back in shoes (painful or just different), what your experience is years later, etc??? I realize every fracture is different so I am searching for a general range of experiences.

I did something similar this summer.....fractured ankle, wrecked ligaments and a snapped fibula. I was told 4 weeks in a cast no weight, 4 weeks in a boot no weight.....then I could spend the next 6 weeks progressing from the no weight bearing boot to a regular shoe.

I was in severe pain going home after the surgery (I had previously been whacked out on pain meds in a hospital for 2 days).....I had a 2 hour trip back from the hospital.....I thought my foot was going to explode it swelled so badly. It hurt bad, real bad. After about 6 hours of pain the swelling went down and I finally stopped rocking back and forth and crying like a bitch....damn, that sucked.

Everything sucked for awhile....pain meds constantly....then it just seemed that in the course of a couple days it just did a 180 and I was only taking pain meds occasionally to sleep.

*I* did it wrong and got lucky.....6 weeks out.....I was only 2 weeks on the boot (and not supposed to even think about putting weight on it for 2 more weeks).....I started "shuffling" on it occasionally....then 2 days later hobbling......2 days after that I went on vacation and drove and walked (with crutches) all over the Black Hills of SD. It was stupid....but I reasoned (incorrectly) that as long as I wasnt on pain meds and it didnt hurt....that I was OK.

I got lucky and was OK. By the time I went in to start my 6 week transition from no weight boot to regular footwear....I was walking in my work boots (laced up tight and with a funny as hell limp...but I was doing it).

Your foot just isnt going to feel like your foot for awhile. Its not going to have the range of felt similar to what I think it would feel walking on a prosthesis as far as balance, movement etc. It doesnt respond "right". Until my ligaments came back round to something resembling normal range of motion I walked all kinds of screwed up....old crippled guys made me look slow. It took forever to get across a parking lot. Pain was mild during sharp pain, slight ache or dull throb. Even during the stretches....I didnt take any pains meds during rehab. I went for the first 2 weeks...then just used the exercises and continued on my own. Again, not right...but its what I did.

Even after you get your range of motion back your going to wake up with a stiff ankle for a couple will likely need to massage it and flex it before you even put a foot on the ground. Even after that for the first 5 minutes of the day I hobbled more than walked.....itd stretch out then Id be good.

Im 4 months out morning massage or stretching, I can get up and just walk off starting my day. It does ache often....and I suspect that will be a forever thing...maybe not.

You will feel very "protective" of that foot for quite awhile....everything I went to do with my foot I was leary of for quite awhile.

I also now wear full MX boots when Im on my dual sport. Even if just tooling around on a gravel road. My accident was only a 15 mph get off on a well maintained gravel road......I just landed wrong.
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