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Originally Posted by Daddyo View Post
I haven't read it all yet (rural dialup) but this is a really good thread.
That thing is just beautifull. My (late) Dad bought a '72 (same color) new and rode the wheels off it rain or shine, hot or cold. Ice was the only thing that parked his bike (usually). My Dad was a cool old motorcycle guy.
We bought him a set of Jardine 2-1 headers for Christmas. He took the handlebars off and rebent them in an old oak tree. He put on bags and a windshield & rode it every day.
When I was 15 we took a road trip half way across the country and back, camping the whole way and I don't think we ate in a resteraunt once. I had a Yamaha 500 at that time.
I got my brothers 650 after graduating high school and rode it 1200 miles home, I toured the western states on it and it was reliable like a rock. I love those things. As my brother says " a Triumph, only reliable". They are the best looking motor ever made by the Japanese, my opinion.
I'm glad they are still popular, they are the "universal donor" of moto world, people make everything imaginable out of them as this thread shows. I like em all but the scrambler types are cool.
I've still got one, a vintage flat tracker I bought used in about '79. Mr. Shell REALLY made some HP out of those motors.

Got any photos from those trips?
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