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Well, here was my story from the past year:

I definitely screwed up by not respecting how significant the hardware repair and bone grafting would be and taking only 2 weeks off from work after my first surgery. While I have a mostly sedentary job, I have an (at best) hour commute each way and it was impossible to properly elevate the leg when I got there.

The infectious disease doc thinks the MRSA was already at work, but I didn't help matters by pushing myself too hard, too quickly. The exposed screw came about when I lost my balance and fell after overdoing it at work one day, with the cast causing an abrasion over the incision line. Within a week that minor abrasion turned into the head of the screw poking out of the wound.

After the second surgery (and the subsequent further complication with a bout of c. diff), I was taken totally out of work for almost three months. Didn't have to tell me that time to rest, elevate, ice and behave.

Don't be surprised at how long the elevate and ice routine will need to remain in place. Big part of the recovery process and the rehab process.

I started to walk again after seeing the surgeon on June 21st (after having been immobilized and on crutches since Nov 23rd). What a weird sensation. Definitely the "this is not my foot" feeling and it took a lot of focus on gait training to get normal motion back. PT was critical in achieving that result.

Still have pain and stiffness on pretty much a daily basis, that may be part of my new normal going forward to some extent although general reasoning says it can be a good year to reach an end result. And with my extended immobilization, 2 surgeries, and the c.diff to boot the "usual" timeframes got thrown out the window.

At the recommendation of my PT, picked up some compression socks at CVS that have been my salvation. Yeah, I looked ridiculous wearing shorts and knee high black socks but screw it. There were far greater indignities than that this past year. HIGHLY recommend them when you get out of the boot. I've been told to expect to need continue using them at least through the winter months. Who knows, maybe longer. Whatever - they make me functional and that is all that matters. Although at least now it isn't shorts weather anymore.

When I started PT I also renewed my gym membership and started with riding the stationery bike. Really helped get some motion back. Then I started walking with my dog in the woods as long as I could tolerate. At first it took me probably an hour to go all of a mile or so. Last weekend, I took Hannah on an 8 mile hike. So yeah, it gets better!

Can't run yet and can't get on the mountain bike, the latter mostly due to swelling and cycling shoe limitations. Got back out on the Uly in late August and still hope to get an easy ride in the dirt on the KLX before the snow flies here.

Get Good MX Boots. Period. My injury was not on the bike but I will be wearing my MX boots for ALL rides whereas previously I had worn Thor 50/50s for "easier" street rides and particularly if we were going to walk around a lot at a destination. Nope, now if necessary I will pack extra shoes.

Good Luck to you - here's to a smooth and quick healing process!
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