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Thanks for the lengthy reviews of fracture to walking. It gives me an approximate time-line. I'm hoping that having my ankle reduced within 10 minutes of the accident will shorten my recovery; time will tell.
I had a similar (and preventable) experience as mentioned in one of the posts. My wife picked me up at the hospital in Spartanburg, SC the day after surgery and we drove 4 hours to our house just south of Knoxville, TN. I had positioned myself on the rear seat so I could prop my leg up; however, not above my heart. The trip became agonal. My ankle and foot swelled immensely. I became so nauseated from the pain I thought I was going to vomit. By the time we arrived home blood was oozing from my bandage. Knowing better now I should have laid down in the rear with my foot elevated well above my head.
I am experiencing a strange sensation and was wondering if it has occurred with others. When they removed my splint and bandaging it felt as though I had a piece of adhesive tape running the length of the bottom of my foot; most notable over the ball of the foot. Before the cast was applied I mentioned that I thought they had left a piece of tape on the bottom of my foot. The looked and said no. I then reached down and only felt really tense skin (from swelling), no tape. The feeling has persisted and I'm wondering if it is the plantar facia?
Before fracturing my ankle I had just purchased a new Cannondale Synapse carbon bike. Took it home with the intent of doing some serious bicycle riding on my return. Fortunately I have a trainer and can pop off the front wheel and mount the bike in it. I surmise I'm looking at 8 weeks before doing this?
Again, a very sincere thanks to all who have posted their experiences with an ankle fracture. It is reassuring to have some idea of what the future holds.
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