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Originally Posted by Guy Young View Post
As did I in PA. No dogs were ever a part of any hunt in the woods that I was a part of.
It's kinda sad and pathetic in a way. (And I semi-apologize if I'm now describing any of you). Down where my father lives in the Northern Neck, they truck-hunt with dogs. Turn them loose on one side of a very large square bounded with roads (mile, maybe more), and sit in their trucks with CBs and coffee waiting to see which side they flush them too. Then it's just a quick number of steps away from the truck to be legal (yea, right), blammo, and back inside to tell everyone what a great hunter they are.

I don't hunt anymore (can't seem to find joy in the morning chill, would rather sleep in and wrangle goodies from someone who does), but I liked to think I was employing a skill. Whether still hunting or stalking, it felt like a challenge. Just can't see how you can get that feeling from inside an F150. :-)
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