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I grew up hunting deer in the mountians and fields of the Blue Ridge. I've taken a big 8 pointer and a decent 7 and a doe and our farm in Hungry Mother Va this season. I like the quiet of a mountian hunt.

I moved out here to Central VA and soon learned about hunting deer with dogs. I was informed that this is the old plantation way, the best way to move deer in a swamp and in thick timber. It's a more social way to hunt deer, not the quiet solo way I grew to love at home.

I don't defend ungentlemanly behavior. I can't speak for the clubs that run dogs.

Now having said that. I have had to learn deal with the type of hunting that comes with dogs chasing deer. Clubs run dogs across the private land that I hunt in Amelia or dogs gradually get to where I hunt. Saturdays in Amelia start out quiet and I enjoy dawn and the start of a day of being alone afield or maybe with my son. Later in the morning, dogs in the distance gradually draw closer or they don't. You never know. However, if they make it to this private property, the walker hounds especially, MOVE deer. It gets exciting, and often the deer are running hard in very thick cover. I can't say that it is my favorite, it's not. But it is fun, the dogs are loud, and deer bust out of heavy cover that is difficult to access. It is not the easiest thing in the world to bring down a running buck with a good shot. It takes skill and good markmanship. It's very sporting to me.

I don't want to be sociable when I hunt, I prefer to be alone. However, let freedom ring. Do what you want. The same people that want to shut down dirt biking and trail riding want to shut down deer hunting too. More or less. Sorry about the truck. I'd be pissed too.

I ain't a going without my hog, my gun, my whisky and my Bible.

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