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Step by step...

Ride to middle of no where in Bolivia on dirt roads, 30 miles from nearest town, and get flat rear tire at 40mph and nearly crash and burn.

Whip out your trail stand and secure front brake lever.

Remember to take a picture of what the middle of no where looks like in Bolivia.

Grab trail stand and adjust for the right height. Kneel at the side of the unloaded bike, push with left hand towards kickstand, and set trail stand under frame member. Viola, you created the second half of your center stand.

Remove wheel then tire, then tube, and find puncture, and remember that you have no patch kit and no pump. Realize your basically screwed and you haven't seen a car in the 30 minutes you've spent on the side of the dirt road in the middle of no where Bolivia.

Collect scrub brush branches to stuff in empty tube to support weight of loaded overland adventure bike for next 50km to paved road and hopefully a tire shop (llanteria).

Take picture of one of the donor scrub brush bushes.

Put tire bake one, stuffed full of branches from scrub brush bushes.

Take picture of proof of less scrub brush bush branches. They are really in the tire.

Put tire back on.

Ride at 18mph for about 20 minutes in the middle of no where Bolivia on dirt roads.

After realizing your scrub brush bush branches are just pulverizing, whip out the trail stand, secure front brake lever, adjust stand, and lift rear wheel of the ground.

This time use wheat grass.

Stuff shit loads into rear tire.

Ride 40km (25miles) further and see town in the distance.

Arrive at town and have celebratory Coca Cola, though you realize you just ran out of gas and have to go find more for sale from a local with a 5gl gas can, and then ride still flat tire to tire shop where you have to remove the rear wheel for the third time with the Enduro Trail Stand, and look like a pro in front of locals as you whip out the previously practiced drill for the third time that day.


--Alex Smith
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