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Originally Posted by willys View Post
The problem with that idea is, no-one is talking KLRs in general. We seem to try and ask questions in other threads and get flamed for riding KLRs.
Yes it does get a bit tiresome to answer the same question over and over, but at least we have our own thread now without others bashing us at evry turn. For the young age of this thread it is getting enough attention to give me hope that one day we will have the threads you are asking for. We just need to get more people here and asking questions to start with IMHO. Then get into a more diverse thread option package so to speak. I'm willing to deal with it the way it is to help get our KLR related issues answered and to get more of us talking.
It seems that many are looking for a new home and I want to see if that happens, this will be a good place to call home.
I would like to get a complete section for all KLR related issues but that won't happen as it sits so far, so this is the best we can get to start with.
I'm sure you can put up with a few repeat questions from noobs for a while, remember we all were noobs at some time and looked to others for direction.
Yes there are many KLR solely forums and sites, but many seem to find them hard to life with for one reason or the other...?
This site has the best Ride and trip reports bar none so IMHO, it makes perfect sence for the KLR crowd to find this a new place to call home, we are the cheapman's adventure tourer after all.....because we certainly aren't dirt But many still think we are and to each their won.

So, please be patient......thanks
Concur...if you know it already just scan; can always pick up a nugget here or there.Nice to have KLR centric dialogue.
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