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Originally Posted by DirtyDog View Post
Can we get a thread title change?
"Got a question about KLRs? Stop reading and post it here!"

In all seriousness- unless someone steps up to provide a group of themed/topical/organized threads, this is just gonna continue to degrade into a real-time Q and A on whatever topic strikes a noobly fancy. I'm already getting burned out on this.

The reason you can and won't find the answers to your perpetual questions is because there is no KLR thread organization on ADV. Now we supposedly have an "all things KLR thread", but it's just a more recent, ill-informed conglomerate of KLR Pics, KLR Mods, and KLR Stories in one big disorganized mess.

I apologize that I'm one of the naysayers. I feel like I have learned a lot about my ride in +70k miles, but offering the same solutions and suggestions over and over becomes pointless. I know for a fact that there are plenty of riders on ADV that are wealths of KLR tech info, yet they are burned out too. That's why if I have a KLR question, I typically don't come to ADV.

I'll guarantee higher participation from KLR gurus if the day ever comes when KLR info is searchable and useful on ADV.

I don't see the disadvantage of a real-time Q and A. I also, having been a college Perfesser, don't see any disadvantage to teaching some of the same stuff over and over. Let's face it, that's what education is all about -- bringing new people in. The motorcycle world is continually changing, and new tech arrives all the time, even in our little KLR world. There are some excellent KLR sites out there, but the reason I frequent ADV is the volume of opinions, and the number of inmates who are out riding. It's a sorting process. Some of the info is BS. Some of the inmates are hostile trolls, but fewer than on most other sites I've been on.

The search engines on most forums stink, and I'm sure that the mods have neither the strength nor the inclination to improve them.

Most of the inmates are folks you'd like to take a tour with. That's why I hang here. Also, over 90% of the time, when one asks a serious question, one gets considered answers. The answers may not always contain the best or most accurate information, but they work. It's not perfect, but we're not either.

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