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Originally Posted by andreis View Post
Hello SaferMoto,
I'm new to this forum. This is essentially my first post, so hello to everyone and sorry for not going through the usual procedure of posting up a new thread to say "hello world".
I've joined mostly because I'm very interested in this thread and the responses SaferMoto gives.
I've looked, but haven't found, any new things you've done with the release system.

It seems to me that people who want to ride upright or people who are generally taller, have to have their tether cord very long. This would seem to delay the triggering and it does make me wonder what use it would be if you get to hit the ground first. Also, you would need some length in order to move around on the bike.

The question is : Why don't you make a self-tightening system, kinda like a seat belt works, where if you pull on it fast it blocks and in all other circumstances it allows for free extension of the cord? You can add the mechanism at the end that attaches to the bike so as to not weigh down on the rider. It would be a pretty inexpensive modification and would provide for any cord length improving at the same time the trigger time (because it would not require a certain distance from the motorcycle, as it does now).
Here is the reply from the factory

Hello Alan,

This is Shingo.

I showed the photo to Kenji and he said he already tried to make this kind of wire, but there were many problems like durability and cost.
Thank you for letting us know the idea anyway!

Best regards,


Looks like it has been tried but did not work out. Thank you for the suggestion
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