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Hello folks. I expect this to be a little less involved that modding JoMomma and CSM. I am active on a lot of forums and truly appreciate the commercial free nature of this site. I will guard JEALOUSLY against Spam of any sort. Beyond that, the few simple rules we have serve us well.

As you well know I frequent the forum and pay close attention to what's going on in the world of scooters. My first motorcycle was a scooter of sorts. It was an avocado colored Honda Express. I have since owned a couple of Burgman 650's, a Burgman 400, a Reflex 250 and a Big Ruckus. At the present I am scooterless but growing a bit bored with my FJR and thinking about how nice it would be to commute on a scooter here in NOLA. The new BMWs are looking good. If they are priced right...

My greatest journey ever undertaken on a two wheeled conveyance was this one.

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