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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi View Post
Holy great big photo's batman!

Sorry guys. I used Photobucket, and I are a computer moron.

Off to do something I know a little bit about.

Writing a 10 page term-paper in one night. Russian Polish Relations during the 19th Century anyone?

edit; I'll probably use the divots as my pilot hole to put in the metal screws/bolts. Drill a small pilot then use a self tapping bolt? Just a big enough head to act as a stop? What says the experts?
Ahh, Russian Polish relations..... Reminds me of my college daze in the 1970's. I had to take a class on Russia (USSR) to get my degree. I wasn't so bad, actually it was quite interesting. My prof was a former military intel guy (WWII vet) who studied the USSR, making clandestine visits there in the 50's and 60's. Anyway, I digress.

I would do it like KTM does. Drill the hole, tap it, then use a stainless steel bolt with lock nut, so you can adjust the travel of the forks.
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