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Day 1: Non-stop Richmond to Key West
Day 2: Enjoy Key West, rest, eat and watch the weirdos and tourists on Duvall St.
Day 3 & 4: Ride home.
Ideas? Any experienced IBA riders out there?



I have done a couple IBA rides and can tell you from first hand experience Key West is not a good idea. The problem with that trip is if your headed south the last 2-3hrs is on very congested tourist packed roads often late at night.

My first IBA ride was from RIC to Holton Maine on the Canadian border, which was a great ride. My next rip was key west north to RIC and I thought I was going to die by the time I got home. That morning in Key West it was 75 and clear, by the time I reach the 1k mark it was 23 and sleeting == not fun.

Niceview and I did 1k in 24hrs once by accident and it that was super easy, think about this plan. Leave RIC at 3pm and ride till midnight then bunk out until 6-7am then ride back and as long as your back by 3pm your set. This is by far the easiest way to do it.

Also some other advice: read about these rides as much as you can before you set off, the paper work can be some what confusing and believe them when they say your gonna be loopy after 700 miles, it is very important to plan out your ride, including preplanned detours in areas you think may be trouble. If you want any help planning or need a witness I would be happy to help. The IBA rides don't appeal to everyone but they are an accomplishment for those who do.

--BTW I have my eyes on that 1500 in 24hrs......
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