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Originally Posted by Ragin Rabbi View Post
Holy great big photo's batman!

Sorry guys. I used Photobucket, and I are a computer moron.

Off to do something I know a little bit about.

Writing a 10 page term-paper in one night. Russian Polish Relations during the 19th Century anyone?

edit; I'll probably use the divots as my pilot hole to put in the metal screws/bolts. Drill a small pilot then use a self tapping bolt? Just a big enough head to act as a stop? What says the experts?
I personally wouldnt use a self-tapping bolt for your fork stop. It would probably work but Iam not sure I would want to" force" a self tapping bolt thru anything Alum. Drilling and tapping it would be the way to do it, with the use of a little Blue Locktite.On another note I can see Dirty Dogs thinking but I also agree with willys idea. It is difficult to keep a information thread going, people that are new to the KLR or bikes in general are usually just searching for info about the bike or how to do something to it. I very seldom take anyones responce as the right way to do something, I usually will read all I can on the subject then decide on how to actually do a repair or service. Not answering a persons question or flaming them because the question has probaly been asked a million times, just goes against the whole idea behind ADVrider IMO. Sorry for the long winded responce, too much coffee this morning. *EDIY* Ha Ha after typing this I see that canuman and Kawidad pretty much said what I was trying to.

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