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Good luck PetDoc. I too, broke an ankle in a motorcycle accident. My nose was a'pointing South while my toes was a'pointing North, with my little XT225 laid across the now broken ankle. I was wearing a pair of nicely laced paratrooper boots but my leg muscles and tendons must have been in good shape, for as soon as I kicked the motorcycle off my ankle with my other foot, the ankle righted itself and I was able to walk with a somewhat painful limp. I rode around another hour or two, then took an hour off to set in an easy chair a while...then an hour ride to the hospital. Yep, it's broken said the doc. I knew that.

They didn't tell me much about the break. I saw the x-rays, and it looked like a spiral break but everything appeared to be in place. They casted me up and sent me home with Tylenol 4s. Two weeks later, with a ton of pain and my toes looking like vienna sausauges, I got a new doc and a new cast that was a bit looser and much more comfortable. X-rays showed good progress in the bone healing. No more swelling and soon a walking heel mounted in the cast. After 5 weeks, the cast came off and I wanted it put back on. Oh. My. God. That hurt. My foot was sooooo tender and the ankle didn't recall at all what it was like to flex in any way. The muscles of my calf were literally half the size they used to be. Sports doc gave me good advice and a good warning. Work on the flexibility, all day, every day. Every time you're sitting, flex that ankle in every direction for the entire time. He also told me to find access to a pool and walk 30 minutes to an hour a day in chest deep water until the foot and ankle could withstand walking without the water. I joined a walking program and did a two mile loop 5 to 6 days a week. Even so, it took more than a year for my ankle to begin to feel normal. It's pretty normal now, almost never hurts and has lost only minimal flexibility. The sports doc was right...flex that ankle in every direction, all the time, as soon as your cast comes off. Don't stop. Keep flexing that ankle for the next three years. Again, good luck PetDoc.
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