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Originally Posted by Guano11 View Post
Wow. The last doc I talked to had one piece of advice: "Stay away from doctors"
Here is some more input about the guy who had to have his leg amputated. His story concerns me because you think a doctor would take care of you but after 3 months his foot was dieing. I guess no injury is simple and the doctor wants to go home at the end of the day too.

His post:

Re: The Big Crash

Hey gang, sorry about the mix up. I crashed my bike in September of '05 and broke my ankle and wrecked all of the nerves. After 5 months of it not getting proper blood supply to the bones and RSDS ( Super hyper sensitivity, swelling, discolouration, sweating.....) the doc. told me to put weight on the foot, thats where the first pic. comes from. The ankle is broken again and very swollen. The next pic. is when I had my leg amputated a month ago. And the rest is history, however I have a very nice '02 in my garage just waiting for me to heal so I can ride her again. Oh Oh, I have had nothig but great success with my Akrapovic Exhaust System, when I put it on I was amazed to see the original Headers fit INSIDE the Akrapovic Systems Headers. This was a real boost to my PIG, maybe it will lead others like myself into temptation,lol, because it will.

Ride hard and be safe C.C.

Well it has been a very long time since I have ridden. A short little
story just to catch you folks up: I crashed my XR Sept. 2005, smashed
my ankle to bits, May 2006 leg was amputated just below the knee, May
2007 same leg was reamputated just below knee again. I tried to ride
the bike last year in 2007 but found upshifting to be a real problem,
of course I can downshift but with no articulation in my Left ankle I
was unable to place my foot to upshift. I would like a few ideas here,
and I know you'll have a few: I would like to put an electric shifter
on my bike without much mod, I was thinking of an automotive door lock
but I would like to know what other options I may have.

Thanks aLL

First post after accident

Well fella's I finally did IT. I've shattered my ankle and Talor
Dome, bruised my tail bone, cracked my ribs (in 3 places), and 14
stitches under my chin later, I crashed my bike. I guess it was not a
slow sweeper to the right but instead it was a T in the road, and man
that ditch was Deep! The doctor say's I'll be out for 4 months, but
that's fine 'cause winter is on it's way and time for work to begin on
the PIG. Have a good time and ride hard, we'll see you all in the

P.S. No damage to the bike except for a tweaked front tire, not bad
from 60mph to 0mph in a ditch

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