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Originally Posted by HalfPlate View Post
Leave RIC at 3pm and ride till midnight then bunk out until 6-7am then ride back and as long as your back by 3pm your set. This is by far the easiest way to do it.

--BTW I have my eyes on that 1500 in 24hrs......
Interesting time schedule leaving at 3:00, I never thought of this...thanks. The Key West plan was just a thought, I realize that avoiding south Florida would be much safer regarding traffic and tourists. Another idea is to head out 500 miles, get a receipt/picture/IBA attestation form signed by a local at gas station employee and then head back for 500 miles. I am going to do this in the Spring. I would strongly welcome, encourage, ask, one person to come along.
The "Loop of the Commonweath" that was discussed yesterday is a possibility too, but I would probably head further south on 81, hit 77 into NC and then head up 85 to avoid the local cops on 58. I'd still have to run the Emporia/South Hampton county gauntlet into Hampton Roads. (Would starting and end point signatures from a witness, way points from a SPOT and gas receipts be enough proof for the IBA?)
When I was 22, I drove 1,510 miles (stopping only for gas/food/coffee, without sleep with some crazy girl that wouldn't shut up!) from Fort Sam Houston, TX to Richmond in 26 hours). 1,500 miles in 24 hours on a bike sounds a bit beyond me right now. Let me try the "easy" SS1000 first, good luck with planning that ride!
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