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Trip prep

Trip Prep.

Some folks are better at this, some are less so… I usually fall into the latter category, but I have surprised myself on this one. I have gotten to the point of “if I don’t have it covered, I am buying my way out of the problem with my credit card” approach, but I’ve got the basics covered and think I can get myself out of some classic “oh, I’m so F***ed” scenarios. Back-up cables, brake pads, tool set, screws, washers, filters, patch kit, back-up tubes, etc. My full travel list is below, and was put together by fellow ADV rider, Tukata, with some mods for my trip.

Tent and sleeping bag
camp stove/lighter and pot
fire safe cup (to cook/eat)
camel back for H2O
Hot Sauce/sardines/crackers/GORP/canned chili/snacks
Zip tie extra clutch and throttle cable to existing
patch kit and 2 spoons/extra tubes
Multi-meter and wire
zip ties - JB weld
1qt oil - Chain lube
Only 3 pair packing (socks, underwear, shirts)
1 pair convertable pants REI
Sandals_ that can get wet and pack small
Flask bourbon
Small laptop (waterproof where it is)
phone and charger (laptop works for mine)
1 pair sunglasses/1 pair clear safety glasses (rain, heavy dust, or bike work)
Light Rain gear ( just stop if it's not enough)
1 Gal. Ziplock bags (Do not forget these) Dirty laundry, food, water tight, extremely versatile
Maps and compass
Toiletries and towel
Mesh bag to put wet items in to dry while riding
15-20 paper copies of your license and/or intl. drivers license

The tool list and spares list I have taken from Mr. Shortwayround, who has, IMHO, probably one of the best, most informative websites about setting up a Suzuki motorcycle/any motorcycle for a RTW trip that I have ever seen… big credit to him on this one! My kit is not so extensive, but it should work for what I have and where I am going. he is currently crossing Bolivia, so his kit should cover it!

Check it out:
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