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Originally Posted by piercalif View Post
I am going as a spectator for my first time to follow the Dakar race, anyone the can give me some tips: best way to go around, how to enter the bivouac etc...?
Unless you're a racer, a crew member in one of the official assistance vehicles, a registered press person, or otherwise an offical part of the event, you're unlikely to get into any bivouac. Unfortunatley, without getting into the bivouac, you'll miss the best part. And no matter how you chase the race, you won't see much actual racing because you'll be spending most of your time on the road trying to keep up. Even so, if you can hook up with someone who knows what's going on it can be a fantastic experience. I chased it in 2009 on a street bikes with a couple of other guys, and we had a GREAT time, though we had strong inside connections and scored bivouac arm bands half way through the race.

A few tips:
- Reserve hotel rooms ahead of time.
- Good luck finding places to eat on the road. No such thing as a Denny's! Think Baja, but somewhat worse.
- Research how you're going to get a rental car/bike from Argentina into Peru or even into Chile.
- Accept now that you won't have much time except to be driving from one bivouac town to the next, or skip some bivouac towns.
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