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Originally Posted by Eddy Alvarez View Post
Interesting time schedule leaving at 3:00, I never thought of this...thanks. The Key West plan was just a thought, I realize that avoiding south Florida would be much safer regarding traffic and tourists. Another idea is to head out 500 miles, get a receipt/picture/IBA attestation form signed by a local at gas station employee and then head back for 500 miles. I am going to do this in the Spring. I would strongly welcome, encourage, ask, one person to come along.
The "Loop of the Commonweath" that was discussed yesterday is a possibility too, but I would probably head further south on 81, hit 77 into NC and then head up 85 to avoid the local cops on 58. I'd still have to run the Emporia/South Hampton county gauntlet into Hampton Roads. (Would starting and end point signatures from a witness, way points from a SPOT and gas receipts be enough proof for the IBA?)
When I was 22, I drove 1,510 miles (stopping only for gas/food/coffee, without sleep with some crazy girl that wouldn't shut up!) from Fort Sam Houston, TX to Richmond in 26 hours). 1,500 miles in 24 hours on a bike sounds a bit beyond me right now. Let me try the "easy" SS1000 first, good luck with planning that ride!

Bragging rights (and that's all they really are) mean different things to different folks. I've made a few "long" rides and folks have asked if I had applied for an IBA certificate. I did not. Personally, I didn't want to have to deal with the paperwork, gas slips, and sign-offs; just didn't seem important. I knew what I had done, or was about to do, and that was good enough for me. Besides, I already had a nice license plate frame.

Personal memorable straight-through burns:

1973 - Lynchburg to Edison, NJ in January on a Kawasaki H2 750 triple - very cold with snow.
2002 - Richmond to Denver (1800+ miles) in approx. 28 hours.
2005 - Richmond to Duluth, MN (1245 miles on the KLR) in approx. 24 hours
2005 - Richmond to Port Orange, FL for dinner and an immediate return after eating. When I told my wife earlier in the departure evening what I was doing, she asked,"Why? What's wrong with the restaurants around here?" I did leave at 3 in the a.m. for this one.
2006 - Richmond to Hill City, SD on the KLR. Did take 2 days on this one with a stop in Lincoln, Nebraska to visit the Kawasaki factory for a tour of their facility.
2008 - Richmond to Duluth, MN (on the Connie) for the Very Boring Rally II in less than 24 hours, then a return burn 2 days later in about the same time.

Would/could I do another tomorrow? You betcha. With the exception of sticking on a fresh set of tires, both bikes are kept in shape for a ride into the unknown. Would I apply for an IBA thingy? Nope, probably not. But that's just me.

YMMV........... no pun intended.

My destiny - working on bikes at a rally. This was in Hill City, SD.:

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