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All the days issues.

Madstrom .... I have one more training event before Im back on line. If I don't have to go back this weekend Im up for an overnight. Tent, cabin, hotel is fine. Any location.

Eddy .... Im up for an Iron Butt. With heated gear I don't really care where we go. Lets talk.

John and Andrew .... My friend Mark and I went back out to West Point today. If you think it was wet last weekend you should have seen it today. Deep deep water and lots of it. Mark did well on his V-Strom 650 but he took a big hit today. In one of the puddles he hit a hole which sent him hurling into his windshield. Lesson here .... if you have an adjustable windshield set it low when riding off road. Bloody mess but he is ok. Here is a short clip of todays ride. Only a couple minutes long.

In regards to dogs and dear hunting ... the hunters were out again today in force. I'm sure its a lot of fun but all I saw were hunters sitting in their trucks or leaning on the hood with a rifle or shotgun. There has to be a law against that? They lined all the open fields in single file, more than half of them sitting along side a paved road. I don't get it. Not much of a sport to me.
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