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Nice Thread!

Originally Posted by bmwhacker View Post
I have a very interesting lead on what is claimed to be an old WW2 German sidecar rig.
I've had correspondance with a land owner who purchased a ranch years back with some old Harley stuff and a WW2
German sidecar rig in an out building.
He sold off the old Harley stuff long ago but thought maybe he'd do something with the bike.
I am in touch with the owner via Internet and am making arrangements to go to his ranch and look at what he has.
I'm hoping to go over next week, he is less than a couple hundred miles away so well worth the effort to go and look.
I love these kind of mysteries! Not sure if it is a BMW, Zundapp, or what it might be. Could be some other off-the-wall machine.
The bike has never been offered for sale since in his ownership. The Harley guys offered him 2 grand for it years back but he thought he'd keep it to maybe have a project some day but never got to it.

So wish me luck.
I'm constantly searching for old finds and maybe this one will be the "big" one. - wishfull thinking!

I'll definately have my camera along and get some photos of this mystery bike.
Originally Posted by bmwhacker View Post
Finally had phone contact with the bike owner tonight and have made arrangements to look at the old WW2 BMW next week.
The currant owner purchased 90+ acres of forested CA. property a couple years ago. The previous owner had collected junk for a life time and filled the property with old "stuff". The present owner has spent the past year just clearing junk off the property.
The old BMW / sidecar in question was stored inside an old semi tractor trailer for who knows how long.
His care taker on the property has been reorganizing things so hopefully the old bike / sidecar is all there and accounted for.
I am truly looking forward to the archeological "dig' next week.
I'll be sure and take my camera...and probably my checkbook too....
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