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Originally Posted by ImaPoser View Post
So I take it you have complete wardrobes for making potions, then change in to another and take a potion to smth, and do it once more to enchant? I may spend the time to do it when I get level 100 in them all.
Can you change enchants on an item, or do I need to find another ebony bow and hold on to it for later?

4 pieces of armor/jewelry for smithing, plus smithing potions .

3 pieces of armor/jewelry for alchemy.

I don't believe there's any piece of armor/jewelry to enhance enchantment though. Best you can do is buy the Enchanter's Elixir (+50% Enchant).

You can't re-enchant an already enchanted item, or add another enchant to it even with the two-enchants perk.
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