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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
We are the only state that goes around bragging about how well we have weathered the financial crisis that crippled the rest of the nation when the reality is arguably quite the contrary - the state government is deeply in debt, the political rats are jumping ship like mad, education is going downhill, this "financial miracle" that Texas brags about are mostly minimum wage jobs that have all understandably gone to migrants, and now we find out that promises to pay for the F1 race were made and (at this point in time) unlikely to be kept.

I had really, really looked forward to seeing this race and at this point I am not optimistic. And yeah, I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the Texas politicians and the organizers who couldn't come through with the money.
True, I just think its silly that people feel the need to point it out like it proves we're the worst state or something else stupid.

No one weathered the depression well. We did much better than a lot of states, everyone has these issues though.

I was looking forward to it too.

Not just because I'm a Texan, but I also think the US is long overdue for a serious entry into the more international forms of racing.
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