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Hi Guys,

This thread is nearly overwhelming to read, when I first began it had around 3500 posts and now it's nearly double that. It's been a great read so far and as much as I'd like to read it entirely I don't seem to have enough time, I'm still more than a year behind. (Page 135) Until now I've resisted the temptation to skip ahead but it seems I must if I am ever to catch up. I feel as though I know a number of you personally due to your frequent postings and for that I want to extend a special thank you, the information you've provided has been great.

My original intent was and still is to use it to develop a better sense of what to expect when I ride south next year. Most of my questions and reservations have been addressed by the various postings for which I am grateful. The best thing I've come to realize is it's not really dangerous to ride in Mexico and that was something that was weighing on my mind. There are still a lot of things I have to come to terms with; which bike to ride, where to head on this ride, will my total lack of language skills be an issue, will riding alone create any unneccesary risks, that sort of thing. Plus I'm 71 and although I'm in good health I'm not as physically strong as I used to be. I'm not truly concerned about any of these things, they're just items on my check list that I need to quantify. As has been said over and over, it's all about risk management and I'm usually pretty good at that. Usually.

I think I'll drop back a couple of months and begin reading at that point; hope I won't miss anything too critical but if anyone has any comments let me know.


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