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Originally Posted by scooteraug02 View Post
Here is some more input about the guy who had to have his leg amputated. His story concerns me because you think a doctor would take care of you but after 3 months his foot was dieing. I guess no injury is simple and the doctor wants to go home at the end of the day too.
Having dealt with injured dogs and cats for decades I'm well aware that shit happens; lots of reasons including negligence, unintended consequences of a repair, underlying injuries/problems(e.g. vascular disease from diabetes, smoking, etc...) and bad luck. So far things appear to be going as well as can be expected. Actually last nite I got to sleep on my stomach for the first time in 18 days.
I've been a monoped for about 2 1/2 weeks and based on the posts on this thread I'm looking at least at another 3 1/2 weeks before touch down is permitted. All sorts of new experiences--my shoulder joints are sore from bearing all my weight through my hands on the crutches when moving, my right hip hurts from hoping around on 1 leg, and I've mastered leaning against the wall while standing on one foot to take a piss. Having the ability to bear even minimal weight on my left foot will be a major milestone.
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