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Yes, it is an automotive exhaust shop and because the shop owner is quite the curmudgeon (his business partner's name is Grumpy, I SWEAR!) and we have locked horns in the past, I decided to just tell him what I want but not try to tell him what to use or how to get there. On the TT pipes I showed him the shape I wanted and only said "use the next size bigger than stock". As soon as I have some solid information on pipe size, etcetera, I will let you know.

On another note, while the two into one pipe will use all stock Honda hardware, for the TT pipes the plan is to use some trick cnc billet retainers found on ebay that are made in Portland for the CB350 road racers.

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When you say exhaust shop, is that an auto exhaust shop? I'm looking at making some pipes for my sl and at the current time I'm considering using Cone Eng parts and weld them up myself. The problem is that they don't stock standard bends for 1 3/8 which is the closest to the metric and I'll have to either find old pipes or fab the exhaust port end. What oversize pipe are you using?
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